• 1.

    Is this legit?

    Yes! This has been a model that been used for a long period of time by parents to help build their  
    children(s) credit, businesses for their employees and business partners to help raise the FICO score
    of an individual to help them obtain loans as well as other credit.

  • 2.

    I don't have any credit. How will this help me?


    If you don't have any credit, we can still help. Having a well established account on your credit
    report that reflects a good payment history will likely enable credit offers, whereas you can
    establish your own credit through your own effort. Any credit that you obtain on your own and you have been making your payments to them on time will only improve your score. 


  • 3.

    I have too many negative accounts on my credit
    report. How could this help me?

    Having atleast one good credit account on your report, while you work to pay off or remove the
    negative ones would work more in your favor to gain other credit accounts who deal with high risk or
    poor FICO scores to rebuild your credit history at the same time. Please call for an alternative solution.

  • 4.

    Will I get to be able to use the authorized account
    to make purchases, etc?


    No. You will not receive any physical cards or account numbers. We can't allow you to use any
    credit cards or account number to make purchases on the primary account holders account. This would make you fully responsible for repaying a debt incurred by you. The purpose of you becoming an authorized user is so that you can benefit off the primary account holders good credit history.

  • 5.

    How much am I held responsible as an authorized user?

    You are not responsible for any debt incurred by the primary user. The primary user is responsible
    for paying the balances they occur. As they make their payments on time, they would continue to have good or even excellent credit. Their good credit benefits you as it reflects on your credit report.


  • 6.

    I want to know the status of my application?

    Upon receipt of application, required documents, and payment. You will receive a confirmation email.
    You will then receive another email within 24 hours after a credit account has been created for you. 5
    -7 business days later, you will receive a confirmation email about when the credit file should appear on your credit report. 30 to 45 days later you will be asked to complete a satisfaction survey. 


  • 7.

    On what basis do you issue refunds?

    We would only issue a refund after 48 hours if we didn't receive the legible required documents to
    verify your identity and/or you have not responded to any emails requesting you to resend the
    information. Please keep in mind accounts are immediately created if we do receive all the required
    documents, therefor this would prompt a change to your credit report so we will not issue a refund at
    this point.  

  • 8.

    How long will it take to see the credit file on my
    credit report?

    It would appear within 30 days from the time the credit account for you was created. Please keep in mind the credit account should be shown on all three of your reports. In some cases, one credit
    bureau may show the report  a lot faster than the others. We guarantee that the credit account should
    show on atleast credit reports within two credit billing cycles, that is 60 days. 

  •  9.

    What happens when the two months expire?

    By the second month of when your initial account was created you would have received an invoice asking if you would like to purchase another tradeline at a discount. If you ignore the invoice or have notreferred someone, your account would automatically close at the end of the two months and you would have to re-apply for services if you need our services in the future.

  • 10.

    How can I get this service for FREE with your company?

    As long as you already have an open account. Just refer someone, and as long as they put your first
    and last name on the application in the referred by field and made a purchase. We will throw in a free account with your next purchase. There is no limit to how many people you can refer while you have an open account.


  • 11.

    What does open account mean?

    Your account file is considered open through the initial two months when you sign up. The account
    file is considered closed if you do not renew the account by the third  month period or
    did not refer someone to keep the account in open status.

  • 12.

    When does the two months begin if it takes up to 30 days for credit account to appear on my credit reports?

    When your account is initially created the two months will begin after the initial 15 days the account was created. 

  • 13.

    Why would it take up to 60 days before I would see the credit account on my credit report?

    Regarding authorized user credit service, creditors only submit reports to credit bureaus once a month, it should finally be on at least credit reports by the second month. 

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